PetSafe Drinkwell Water Fountains – Full Review – Cat Water Fountains

PetSafe Drinkwell Water Fountains – Full Review

PetSafe Drinkwell

PetSafe Drinkwell Ceramic Pagoda Fountain for Pets

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Offering a 70-ounce water capacity that is ideal for small to medium sized pets, the Drinkwell ceramic pagoda fountain makes a super-stylish alternative to a plain bowl. Available in blue, red, white, and taupe colors to complement your home’s décor, it features a unique pagoda shape with dual free-falling streams that oxygenate water for freshness, encouraging pets to drink.

A square profile provides additional visual interest, and the upper and lower dishes give pets options for drinking at different heights. The porcelain PetSafe Drinkwell fountain is hygienic, too. It is top-shelf dishwasher safe, so you can give it a thorough cleansing as often as is needed.

The PetSafe Drinkwell pagoda fountain has not just one, but two filtration systems. The first one is made of porous foam, which removes hair and other debris; the second, finer filter is made with activated carbon that removes odors and bad tastes from the water. Since the liquid in the Pagoda is constantly in a state of flow, bacterial growth is inhibited.

“Does this unit have adjustable flow settings?”

No, it flows continuously at the same rate. Be sure to keep it topped off so that the motor remains operational longer.

“Is this water fountain suitable for outdoor pets?”

Not exactly. The PetSafe Pagoda is best for indoor use. You could probably put it on a covered porch or patio; just be sure to keep the electric cord out of the weather.

“Is the fountain difficult to clean?”

No, not at all. The entire thing comes apart, and then you can wash it by hand or pop it into the dishwasher. If you have hard water, you’ll find that the mineral deposits come off very easily with just a little bit of light scrubbing.

Drinkwell 360 Pet Fountain

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The PetSafe Drinkwell 360 Pet Fountain holds an entire gallon of fresh, clean water that lets even large pets remain hydrated all day. Featuring a round profile with an elevated fountain, it hides a submersible pump inside its 4-point spout. An interchangeable cap with 5 settings allows you to decide how fast the water flows, and a replaceable charcoal filter ensures the best taste possible.

The free-falling stream keeps the water oxygenated so that it tastes fresh and entices pets to enjoy drinks throughout the day. A receiving ramp reduces splashing and quiets the sound of the water, so no one is disturbed. Clips hide the power cord while holding the pump housing securely in place, reducing the risk of messy accidents.

Thanks to a foam filter, debris and hair is caught before it enters the pump. After passing through this filter, water makes its way through a charcoal filter that ensures freshness. The stainless steel dish is sanitary and easy to keep clean. Just remove the pump, and pop the water fountain into the dishwasher for quick, convenient sanitizing.

Because the Drinkwell 360 has such a large capacity, it is an excellent choice for large pets or multi-pet households. Be sure to keep the water topped off to protect the pump and keep the water flowing at an optimal rate.

“Do you have to take the fountain apart to refill it?”

No, just add more water as needed. Remember to take it apart to clean it; about once per week should be enough although you may need to do it more often in multi-pet households.

“Do you need to use filters if you’re adding pre-filtered water, i.e. the kind from a reverse osmosis or household water filtration system?”

It’s up to you; you do need to use the foam filter to keep hair and debris out of the motor, but you may be able to get away with not using the charcoal filter. If you opt to go without the charcoal filter, be sure to completely change out the water every day or two. Otherwise, bacteria may accumulate and the water will be smelly and unpleasant to drink.

“How stable is this fountain? Will my rambunctious lab puppy knock it over?”

The Drinkwell 360 fountain is bottom heavy, and it’s widest at its base. It is quite stable and would be very difficult to tip over.

PetSafe Drinkwell Stainless Steel Zen Water Fountain

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The PetSafe Drinkwell Stainless Steel Zen water fountain holds 128 ounces of fresh clean water – that’s a bit more than a gallon! Ideal for large pets and multi-pet households, it features a large basin that makes drinking easy, even for enthusiastic pets that like to lap up lots of water quickly.

A wide stream of free-falling water provides aeration and oxygenates the water so that pets are more likely to remain hydrated. A receiving ramp quiets the sound of the water splashing.

The pump is quiet, and is housed inside a BPA-free plastic unit that connects to the rim of the stainless steel basin. While the pump must be hand-sanitized periodically, the water dish itself is dishwasher safe for your convenience.

Like other PetSafe fountains in the Drinkwell line, the Zen water fountain features an activated charcoal filter that keeps water tasting fresh and pure.

“Does this bowl have a non-skid surface on the bottom?”

No, but you can put it on a pet mat.

“How often should this pet fountain be washed?”

That depends on a few factors, including how many pets are using the fountain, how messy they are (i.e., if they drop food into the water dish), and whether you have hard water or use filtered water. Just be sure that you maintain the fountain by keeping it topped off so that the motor doesn’t burn out.

“Is this bowl suitable for cats?”

Yes, cats like to drink from this fountain. Some cats like to play in the water stream, too.

PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain

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The PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain features a built-in reservoir and offers a traditional profile. Made with BPA-free plastic, it is very easy to wash by hand, and it’s dishwasher safe, too.

With a free-falling water stream that encourages pets to drink frequently, the Platinum Pet Fountain comes complete with a replaceable carbon water filter that removes unpleasant flavors and odors, keeping your pet’s water as fresh as possible. A pre-filter catches debris and hair, prolonging the pump’s life and enhancing the fountain’s cleanliness. A snap-on lid makes it easy for you to access the fountain’s inner components, but is almost impossible for pets to remove.

“Is this bowl battery powered, electric, or gravity-fed?”

Like other PetSafe Drinkwell automatic waterers, the Platinum pet fountain is electric.

“How often must this fountain be disassembled for cleaning?”

You should wash the fountain at least once every two weeks. If you have multiple pets or pets that tend to be messy, then you’ll probably want to clean the fountain a little more often. It really does depend on your unique situation!

“Is there an on/off switch on the fountain, or do you have to unplug it to turn it off?”

The fountain must be unplugged to turn off.


PetSafe’s Drinkwell automatic pet water fountains are convenient, attractive alternatives to standard water bowls. They are suitable for larger pets and multi-pet households, and they offer added convenience by being dishwasher safe. All models receive excellent ratings from consumers, and pets really enjoy drinking the fresh, frees-flowing water that each of these fountains provides. Dual filters on most models add cleanliness and protect pumps, and landings keep the sound of falling water to a minimum. You can find PetSafe Drinkwell water fountains for sale at online retailers including Amazon.

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